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Best Forgotten, Part 36. Fin?

Really, no April Fool's joke. This could be the end. I actually have part of another chapter written (actually written last summer before my old computer died, taking most of the ending I had planned with it). But for those of you who are ready for this epic to be over, feel free to read it as complete. I may add more to the story--at least finish the chapter I started--if I feel that old "unwind-by-writing-some-OC" impulse, but I'm not going to promise that it will appear next month.

So until, well, whenever, thanks for sticking with this. Oh yes, and that all-important Disclaimer: Thanks for the (unwitting) loan of the characters, Josh. I know they're not mine. But the situation, melodrama, and mistakes certainly are.

Best Forgotten 36

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Happy leap year.

Despite the extra day, though, the end of this month snuck up on me. This part (oh, so close to the end, but still not there) wasn't done; it was written in chunks with a gap missing. Since I couldn't bridge the gap in time, I'm just posting what I have up to what can pass as a stopping point. But at this time, really, who cares?

And after that long disclaimer, here's the real one: AU season 1; only Lucy and the other clinic employees belong to me. With that, on to . . .

Best Forgotten, Part (sigh) 35
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I'm trying to hard to finish this story but it's coming in dribs and drabs now (mostly drabs.) In any case, here's January's installment for anybody still interested.

Disclaimer: You know, the standard stuff. Characters (well, the central ones) still not mine, errors (well, all of them) still mine alone.

Best Forgotten, Part 34
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Another month (in fact another year!) and another part of this story. Note: no, it's still not done. The holidays intruded and I'm sorry, but I just can't make it a simple, happy ending. If you'd like, though, stop reading four paragraphs before the end and you can consider the story completed.

Meanwhile, whether you're reading or not, happy New Year to all of you. Now go and celebrate!

Best Forgotten, Part 33
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It's the end of November, isn't it? That means I'm due to post more of this apparently endless saga. I've had very little time to write, though. (How did we manage to produce so much fic--weekly updates, even daily ones--back when The O.C. was airing? The days must have had more hours--27 at least. That's all I can figure.)

In any case, this is just a snippet. It doesn't deserve to be called a chapter so I won't.

(Insert disclaimers here. You know them.)

Here's Part of Best Forgotten, Part 32
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Best Forgotten, Part 31

It's that time of month again, so here's the latest installment. Warning: I've been too busy to write much (or even to read! My apologies for not responding to many posts recently) so this is more trick than treat. Meaning, yes, it's still not done.

Disclaimers: You know them by now: AU season 1 and the main characters? Still not mine.

Best Forgotten, Part 31
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Best Forgotten 30

I give up. Trying to rewrite the lost (last) chapter of this story is driving me crazy. I can't remember exactly what I wrote or how I got to the end, and now the silly, endless epic is stretching out even more. Conversations and scenes snuck in here that didn't exist before, but now I can't seem to get rid of them and I've decided to stop trying. So here's what I've got for now. And, sadly, it ends with another TBC.

Disclaimer: The standard: the characters aren't mine, but the melodrama and overwriting are. Proceed at your own risk.

Best Forgotten 30
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have most of the last part of this story written, but I couldn't quite finish it and, well, it is the end of the month. So for those few die-hards still reading, here's the next part of "Best Forgotten."

Say it with me now: season 1 AU, not mine, except the clinic-related characters.

Best Forgotten, Part 29
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30 days hath December, April, June . . . Wait, June? And it's already the 30th? Damn! My only excuse for another not-the-end update is that I've been taking classes since school let out. (Must do it to renew my license, and I rather enjoy them but--homework!)

In any case, for you wonderful die-hards who are still hanging with this, here's this month's rather-rushed chapter. I promise, you will at least glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel.

See, I'm reduced to cliches. Also to redundant disclaimers: Season 1 AU, not mine, etc. Oh--and none of the medical terminology and techniques are remotely realistic.

Best Forgotten, Part 28
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So here's the thing: this past month included three graduations, one wedding, six performances of the festival featuring my students' plays and poetry, one slam poetry competition (I was judging), and one prom (I was chaperoning. Oh, and two storms that cut off our power for hours.

In other words, I didn't get much writing done. But I know it's the end of the month, so rather than miss my deadline, I give you about half a chapter. (The school year ends next week, though, so I should have more time after that to end this story, finally!

Oh, and all disclaimers still apply. We'll call this

Best Forgotten, Part 17
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